Our professionally trained Trailer Trash experts will deliver one of our beautiful double axel trailers to your home. You will have 24 hours to fill, cram, load or pile your crap, garbage, garden waste, or trash into our trailer (or we can load it for you) then we will come and take the trailer to the dump.

We like to think of the earth as one big trailer park that needs cleaning up so we recycle as much as we can. Our service gives you the extra time you need to sort thru your own trash and load it into our trailer.

We take away any non hazardous items that you can put into our trailer. Some examples of what you can put into our trailer are wood, garden cuttings, furniture, old mattresses, appliances, and even drywall and cardboard but they have to be placed in a special section of our trailer so we can keep them separate from the other garbage for recycling. For a complete list of waste restrictions check out this link.

We also bring stuff to your place. What do ya want? Top soil, sand, gravel, bark mulch, other stuff... you name it, we'll deliver it.

If you're located in any of the areas shown on this map we will be happy to drop off one of our trailers or deliver your stuff to you!



Any questions, just call us at 778-340-1029 or send us an email at info@trailertrashremoval.com